Upper Bay of Fundy Lobster Fishery Monitoring Program

Project Summary

In 2010, the province of New Brunswick decided it was going to replace the Petitcodiac Causeway with a four lane bridge, as part of the Petitcodiac River Restoration Project. Through this project an Environmental Impact Assessment was required. Part of this Environmental Impact Assessment was to assess the impact opening the causeway gates had on the commercial lobster fishery. Through this the FSRS was contracted to monitor lobster catches in LFA 35. This monitoring included at-sea sampling and a scientific trapping program. Sites were sampled pre and post opening of the gates. Other data collected included water sampling and sediment samples.


Assess the impacts opening the Petitcodiac Causeway gates and its resulting restoration of flow to the Petitcodiac River, had on the commercial lobster fishery in LFA 35.

Years the Project Ran


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