Code of Ethics


  1. Members must collect and report as much relevant and accurate information as possible, according to instructions and requirements.
  2. All information and data collected under the auspices of the Society remain the property of the Society, not withstanding any access granted to individuals for interpretation and analysis.
  3. Conclusions presented in any products other than Society products must include a disclaimer to the effect that the interpretation and conclusions reached by the person preparing the product, be he/she a member, non-member scientist, or other group or individual, when analyzing the Society’s data are not necessarily those of the Society.
  4. Members, non-member scientists, or other groups or individuals given permission to analyze the Society’s data must first present their conclusions to the Society.
  5. Members, non-member scientists, or other groups or individuals analyzing the Society’s data must acknowledge the Society as the source of the data.
  6. Members shall communicate, educate and promote, wherever and whenever possible, the nature and importance of the responsible commercial fishing industry in Atlantic Canada.
  7. Members shall not compete with the Society for contracts.
  8. Members shall address grievances internally where such matters involve the Society or its membership.
  9. Members shall constantly act with fairness and integrity in dealing with clients and employees.
  10. Members shall conduct themselves in a professional and dignified manner and relate to others with courtesy and respect.
  11. Members must declare any potential conflict of interest, whether real or perceived.
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