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FSRS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, has an office of full-time staff, seasonal technicians hired and two volunteer committees to help our mission of supporting sustainable fisheries in Atlantic Canada. Our current President is Ken Snow, and our Board of Directors currently has 14 members. 

Current Staff

Shannon Scott Tibbetts – Director of Operations

ShannonShannon Scott Tibbetts first became aware of the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society after completing her BSc in Aquaculture from the NSAC in 1998. She began on a volunteer basis and welcomed the opportunity to join the team once a position became available. She began her career with the FSRS as a lab technician working on the 4VsW Sentinel Project in 1998 and has gradually gained more responsibility until reaching her current position as the Director of Operations. She has a background in biology with a BSc in Biology from Dalhousie University (1993), and a keen interest in science and marine science in particular. Shannon is a full time mother of two growing boys and enjoys spending time outdoors with them and her husband; an animal nutritionist. Contact Shannon here.

Jade Petritchenko – Senior Research Assistant

JadeJade Petritchenko joined the FSRS as a Research Assistant in 2019. Having worked in lobster biology since 2013, she felt at home in the fisheries science related role, and advanced to the role of Senior Research Assistant. Jade earned a Bachelor of Science (honours) in Marine Biology and a minor in Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries Ecology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her focus was invertebrates, with an honours research project concerning reproduction in thyasirid bivalves. She has also worked with scallops, snow crab, mackerel and jonah crab. Jade is passionate about baking, knitting, and rescuing exotic pets. Contact Jade here.

Drew Jardine – Science Communications Assistant

lil lobster

Drew is our business grad/craft liquor ambassador turned honorary scientist. During his NSCC studies, he sought out the opportunity to work under the leadership of Pete Luckett at Luckett Vineyards and learn whatever he could from the prominent entrepreneur. This connection led to his current gig at Liquid Assets of Nova Scotia; a private liquor store specializing in Nova Scotian made liquor. Drew joined us initially to deliver science traps to our LR participants. He then took on the responsibilities of Conference Coordinator and MC for our 2022 conference and AGM. He has since worked well beyond his job description(s) by meeting with fisherfolk, at-sea sampling, v-notching, ensuring our digital side is running smoothly, and sharing his admiration for conservation work as our Science Communications Assistant. He completed Saint Mary’s University Bachelor of Commerce program and now plans to dive into a Masters in Marine Studies. Drew has a great admiration for cooking, astronomy, and making life entertaining. Contact Drew here.

Julian Greer – Research Assistant

JulesJulian has worked with wildlife for most of the past decade and has been part of the FSRS since the spring of 2021. Having experience in environmental consulting, independent research, Indigenous community representation, forestry policy and wildlife surveying/sampling; Julian brings a wide array of skills to the team along with Bachelor of Environmental Management (honours) from Lakehead and a Fish and Wildlife Technician Diploma from Fleming college. He has a love for field work and collecting hands-on data, especially while on the ocean. Other interests include playing guitar, birdwatching, camping and his pet cat Turtle. Contact Julian here. 






Seasonal Staff:

Morgan Harasymchuk – Co-op Student


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