The Objectives of the FSRS have been defined as:

  • To establish and maintain a network of fishing industry personnel to collect information, for use by members of the FSRS, relevant to the long-term sustainability of the marine fishing industry in the Atlantic Region.
  • To facilitate and promote effective communication between fishermen, scientists, and the general public.
  • To participate, as appropriate, in research projects of other agencies and institutions which require the collection of information relevant to fisheries and marine environmental monitoring.
  • To generate revenue, where possible, from activities related to information gathering, sample collection, and environmental monitoring to promote the continuation of the FSRS.
  • To analyze and disseminate information generated through the activities of the FSRS.
  • To facilitate the provision of training to members of the FSRS as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the objectives of the FSRS.
  • To avoid, by action or inaction on the part of the FSRS, the perception that the FSRS is a lobby group representing the interests of either the fishing industry or the scientific community over that of the long-term sustainability of the fishery as a whole.
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